A Mother’s Story: Krista Cowan Discusses her PBD Journey with 11-year old Jadin

Tell me about Jadin’s birth. Were there any complications?


Jadin Charles Cowan was born on January 28, 2006, a week later than expected.

I went to the hospital due to abdominal pain (it occurred whenever Jadin moved in the

womb). The doctors told me I had lost most of my amniotic fluid and my baby was in distress. I was given medication to induce labor and Jadin was born two hours later. He weighed 8 lbs. 4oz.


My son struggled to latch at first, but twenty-four hours later, he was breastfeeding without

any trouble. However, he did not pass his initial hearing screen. We tested his hearing a second time and the evaluation put Jadin in the moderate-severe range. We purchased his first hearing aids when he was about two months old. He still uses them today, but at 10, he is experiencing profound hearing loss in both ears.




Tell me about your family.



We have a his, mine and ours family. My husband, Jason, has two children from a previous

marriage, who are healthy and have no signs of PBD. I also have two healthy children from a previous marriage.