My experience attending the 2016 Deafblind Symposium

October 13, 2016

“How was your conference?”


It’s a question many people have asked me. Others have no idea what a loaded question it is. My quick ‘go to’ answer to this often quick exchange has been to simply say “Amazing! I am so full.” But those four words mean so much more than I think many can begin to understand.


Several months ago I first accepted an invite to attend the 2016 Deafblind Symposium. I was immediately excited about learning more to help my family & others. I was not sure what to really expect when I boarded my plane for Austin, TX but had been told I would likely be returning home on overload. Sign me up! I was ecstatic! I was ready to share & learn!


I never could have anticipated how much this conference would affect me in the many ways it did. I barely slept in my attempt to soak up as much time as possible with the phenomenal parents, advocates & professionals.