A Community Rallies Around the Chapman Family

May 27, 2016

I attended the first annual Tee it Up for the GFPD in honor of two-year-old Max Chapman. The event included a Silent Auction reception on Wednesday night and a Golf Scramble and Reception on Thursday. I awoke on Friday with sore muscles, but still a huge smile and warm feeling in my heart. Todd Chapman, Tee It Up for the GFPD organizer, described the event as a miracle. I felt the magic in the air, the energy and excitement.  It was palpable. That electric feeling was hope, SO much hope. 







I have known  Max’s parents, Todd and Corin Chapman, since the beginning of their relationship. We became friends in college and have had similar life paths since; marriage, buying houses, and having children. I met Max when he was about 7 months old, and while it was wonderful to meet the bright eyed, happy boy, I left our playdate with an unsettling feeling. I was scared. Scared that something bigger was yet to be uncovered about Max’s health. But I was more scared that I did not know how to be a good friend to Todd and Corin. I knew they needed support at this confusing time in their life and I did not know how to provide it.  As Todd and Corin went through their journey in finding Max’s diagnosis, they were so open and honest in sharing their raw feelings, fears, and sadness. That willingness to openly share, gave the rest of their friends and family a connection to GFPD. Throughout the event I heard multiple organizers say they couldn’t believe the amazing response from the community. As I thought about it, I realized it is because Todd and Corin allowed us to see their struggle. They opened up during the hardest part of their life. Witnessing such vulnerability ignites a need to help. Supporting this event is one thing I knew I could do to help.  Everyone who attended, volunteered or donated did so because it was one way we could contribute.