Happy First Day of Summer!!

Happy first day of summer! Due to Covid-19, we haven’t been able to do a lot of things that we had planned since Anna Violet’s health is top priority. Just as things were looking up in our area, the number of new cases has increased causing reopening in our town to be put on hold. So even though our plans to visit family out of state have been suspended, we have been doing a lot around the house and outdoors. Recently, Anna Violet was able to go on her first fishing trip. We had a picnic under a shade tree next to the lake as the wind blew gently, giving us all much needed fresh air. Anna Violet was fed through her g-tube as we enjoyed our lunch; and she got to feel grass for the first time

Building our Little Room – Follow up from “Discovering Our Connections- GFPD Virtual Meetup”

Recently I attended the Discovering Our Connections Virtual Family Meetup hosted by the GFPD. I initially attended in support of the GFPD and a desire to learn anything and everything I can to assist my son, Judson. Judson recently celebrated his 6-month birthday and was diagnosed with a peroxisomal disorder in the Zellweger spectrum at 22 days old. At the time, we did not know much about his disease or what we could expect or do to assist him. Through the support and resources of the GFPD we learned that his vision and hearing may be affected, although we are still unsure as to what extent. As a family, we have struggled finding ways to engage him in learning and interacting with us throu

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