Developing a Game Plan for School: One Parent’s Experience with the IEP Process

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing my sister, Kelly Dauer-Hubschmitt. Her four-year old son (and my nephew), Jack, began preschool in New Jersey last year. I’d talked with Kelly about the process of finding the right school for Jack, but I wanted to fully understand it from start-to-finish. In this discussion, Kelly tells me about her initial plans for Jack’s schooling, some of the challenges she and her husband, Matt, faced along the way, and what they’ve learned throughout each stage. For beginners or those new to the process, explain what an IEP is and how to go about getting one for your child. IEP stands for Individualized Education Program — a document developed for public

My experience attending the 2016 Deafblind Symposium

“How was your conference?” It’s a question many people have asked me. Others have no idea what a loaded question it is. My quick ‘go to’ answer to this often quick exchange has been to simply say “Amazing! I am so full.” But those four words mean so much more than I think many can begin to understand. Several months ago I first accepted an invite to attend the 2016 Deafblind Symposium. I was immediately excited about learning more to help my family & others. I was not sure what to really expect when I boarded my plane for Austin, TX but had been told I would likely be returning home on overload. Sign me up! I was ecstatic! I was ready to share & learn! I never could have anticipated how much

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