Ilan-a-thon 2016: Let the colors shine!

Ilan-a-thon is all about the colors! Well, not really, it's all about the people, but the vibrant colored t-shirts individuals and families wear tell an important story -- one I especially noticed in this year's 2016 Ilan-a-thon in June. It's really no wonder that the colored t-shirts hold a special place in my heart. As an Ilan-a-thon volunteer three years in, one of my main tasks is to sort and organize all of the t-shirts and swag bags prior to the race. While this is no easy feat, it's also a task I relish performing and here's why. My desire to contribute toward the Ilan-a-thon originally grew from the very brief, but significant experience I had with baby Ilan at the Betzers home in

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