Schumacher Group Comes Together to Celebrate Ginny Gamble

Contributed by Jennifer Hazard of Cute Potato When communities work together to support one other, amazing things can happen. Such is the case with Schumacher Group—a healthcare staffing and hospital solutions company located in Lafayette, Louisiana. In early July, the company rallied around Brant Gamble, Vice President of Business Development, and his wife Melissa, who is cofounder of the GFPD. Brant and Melissa lost their six-year old daughter Ginny to PBS-ZSD in April of this year, and since then, the couple has continued to celebrate Ginny’s life through continued fundraising efforts. To help, Schumacher Group organized a company-wide campaign to raise funds for the GFPD, which included

Family Fundraising Video Raises Big Money for GFPD

When Max was diagnosed with PBD, my husband and I were devastated to learn that treatments were limited and that it was ultimately terminal. We were somewhat surprised that diseases with no treatments even still existed. It was obvious that we needed to raise money to support research for PBD, but it wasn’t until we attend the 2015 GFPD conference that I really understood what kind of difference increased funding could really make for our children. At the conference, researcher Dr. Nancy Braverman explained that it would take approximately $1 million to advance any treatments currently in production. I left the conference with the intent of helping the GFPD raise that $1 million and know

GFPD Co-Founder Discusses Her "Long Search" for Diagnosis

GFPD Co-Founder Melissa Gamble recently shared the story of her daughter Ginny's birth and their years-long search for a diagnosis. Writing for Counsyl, a provider of genetic testing for inherited diseases, Melissa discusses how Ginny's diagnosis of PBD-ZSD lead to the founding of the GFPD, and of the importance of awareness of genetic diseases in order to combat their being passed on in families. Read Melissa's story on the Counsyl Blog.

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